The New Travel Landscape

“The way we understand and manage the travel experience
cycle is changing rapidly. Increasingly, agencies equipped with
booking and management solutions that enable them to meet
and exceed their customers travel needs in a blended online
and offline environment will survive and flourish”

Onewurld is everything you need to successfully
in real time with your customers through all the stages of the travel experience from dreaming to
researching to experiencing and sharing. An entirely integrated travel retailing solution, Onewurld allows
agents and agencies, management and network owners access real time business and industry feedback
to dynamically manage the customer experience to compete, grow and pivot, to stay relevant
and drive improved sales and profits


The new travel landscape requires technology solutions that are integrated and interconnected, that share the same foundation architecture. This enables a cohesive agent experience and consolidation of all the data from each technology stream into a single accessible dashboard for agents, agencies and network owners to facilitate informed decision making


A key requirement in the new travel landscape will be the ability for agents and their customers to collaborate in real time in a single shared collaborative view - leisure or corporate. This is the closest experience to actually being face to face but consulting remotely if necessary. The customer view allows full self booking and management but allows expert real time advice, booking and fulfilment participation from the agent. If the trip is started by the agent, the customer can be invited to collaborate at any time in real time to create the perfect itinerary


Our corporate and leisure search interfaces are simple, smart, seamless and collaborative. Connected to the broadest range of corporate and leisure focussed products, using your content or leveraging our negotiated global rates, they make finding the right content at the right price easy - every time


The new travel landscape demands integrated and collaborative booking systems with streamlined flows and harmonised and consistent processes. We have created the full suite of travel technology solutions that allow everyone from seasoned industry super users to novice agents and independent contractors for both corporate and leisure, the collaborative user experience that rapidly propels them to productivity and profitability


Transparency of all data points at the appropriate level of your organisation permits the measurement and identification of all customer and business trends that helps inform decision making, strategic adjustments and the ability to pivot ahead of your competition

Onewurld is an entire suite of integrated homologous travel
technology solutions that enable Corporate, Leisure,
Independent Contractor
and Loyalty agencies (and any
and all combinations in-between) to meet and triumph over
the competitive challenges in the travel industry

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